Feral Cat Policy Updates

ATTENTION TRAPPING GROUPS and all good citizens bringing free-roaming cats to our clinic. First of all, THANK YOU for all of your hard work. As most of you are aware, we have been struggling with the increased caseload this summer, as some days we have been presented with OVER 100 animals in one day. We have heard your concerns that this has lead to longer drop off AND pick up times for both the general public and our trusted rescue partners. In an effort to better organize the system while also maintaining current COVID-19 operating protocols, the following will take effect. We hope this will cut down on your wait times and better organize the entire process from start to finish. We want to provide you with the fastest but also SAFEST way to get feral cats fixed.
EFFECTIVE MONDAY AUGUST 24, 2020: SOS of Ohio will no longer be accepting feral or free-roaming cats on a “walk-in” basis. We will now be requiring that ALL patients presenting to the hospital have a pre-arranged appointment time. Drop off time for feral and free-roaming cats will remain 7:30a-noon to allow trappers time to trap and present cats to the clinic.
Trapping groups will be able to schedule bulk appointment times, but will be required to pay for all of their scheduled appointment with ONE “grace” appointment. For example- if a trapping group reserves 5 appointments and only traps 4 cats, they will only be charged for 4 cats. However, if a trapping group schedules 5 cats and only bring 3, they will be charged for 4 cats. The default charge for an absent appointment is $40.
We are also working on an online check-in for our rescue partners to eliminate having to wait in line at ALL when dropping off a free-roaming cat. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS!