Spay/Neuter during COVID-19


We hope everybody is staying safe! We are resuming our spay/neuter appointments beginning Monday May 4th, 2020. We will altering both our check in and check out procedures in order to keep within new guidelines and to keep both our staff and client’s safe. We do expect check-ins and check-outs to take longer than usual as a result of these alterations so please keep that in mind when scheduling!

Check-ins will still be performed between 7:30-8:30am. We will no longer have clients come into our lobby to fill out paperwork, instead two bins will be located outside our front doors. One bin will contain blank surgery forms and the other bin will be labeled “inbox.” Clients will need to fill out one surgery form for each pet they have, and write their license plate number in the top right corner of the chart. Completed surgery forms should be placed in the bin labeled “inbox”, our staff will pull charts from there and check in clients from their vehicles to help maintain social distancing. 

For pick-up, we will only be allowing a maximum of three people in our lobby at a time for payment. All people entering our lobby are strongly encouraged to wear a facial covering/mask of some sort. Individuals in line for payment beyond the three in the lobby will need to wait outside on the marked spots. Once payment is completed the individual will be asked to wait in their car. We will instruct you on post-op care from your vehicle and then bring your pet out to you. 

We will NOT be able to accept appointments for individuals showing symptoms of COVID-19, any individuals in such a situation should call to reschedule their appointment. If you are NOT currently showing symptoms of COVID-19 but are not able to accommodate the new procedures please call us ahead of time and we will see if alternative arrangements can be made. 

If you are bringing us feral cats and have not trapped over the past couple weeks, and are therefore not familiar with our new feral drop off protocol, please call us so we can go over the changes with you.


Governor DeWine has instituted a State wide “stay at home” order effective Monday night until April 6th, as such we will be closed to the public beginning Tuesday. We will still be seeing appointments as scheduled tomorrow and will call everybody with an appointment scheduled for later in the week and the following week to get them rescheduled. This means we will NOT be accepting feral cats other than tomorrow Monday March 23rd. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will keep everybody posted as things change. Stay safe everyone!


Due to recommendations of social distancing, we are asking that anybody planning on coming in for Wellness Wednesday wait a few weeks unless timing is imminent. We are also requesting that individuals coming in for surgery appointments wait in their car after they have completed paperwork in order to limit the number of people in our lobby at any given point in time. We ask that any individuals showing symptoms of an upper respiratory infection please call us to reschedule their appointment. We want to assure everybody that we are taking the utmost precautions in keeping our clinic clean and disinfected.