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Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio

3121 West Broad Street | Columbus, Ohio 43204

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By signing this volunteer application form, I agree to release Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio (SOS of Ohio), its officers, directors and volunteers of the organization, from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of action which, in any way, arise from my participation in volunteer activities or events. In case of illness or accident, permission is granted for emergency transport and/or treatment to be administered. It is further understood that I will assume full responsibility for any such action, including payment of cost.

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Would you like to work recovery at our clinic?

(This involves monitoring animals as they come out from anesthesia, cleaning ears, taking temperatures, and providing subcutaneous fluids as ordered by the vet, etc.)

Would you like to help with fundraising and/or supply donations?
Would you like to help with humane education for the public?
Would you like to transport animals to and/or from the clinic?
Would you like to help with general housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance?
Would you like to help with office work?
--- If so, are you comfortable answering/making phone calls?
Would you like to help with event planning?
Do you have any special skills? (i.e. Auto repair, web design, IT skills, etc.)


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How did you hear about Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio?
Why would you like to volunteer with Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio?
Have you volunteered with SOS before?
--- If other, when?
Please describe any previous experience you have with rescue, veterinary services and/or animal shelters
Are you currently attending or have you attended college for veterinary medicine or veterinary technician training? If so, please describe the type/amount of training you accomplished:
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